Are These Trendy Toothbrushes the Real Deal?

Playing Trendy New Toothbrushes – Are They Actually Effective?

The Doctors are joined by cosmetic dentist Dr. Sako Karakozian to weigh in on two trendy new toothbrushes. The first claims to brush your teeth in just 10 seconds! Dr. Karakozian tries it out.

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Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes so this would greatly cut down that time. The device is U-shaped and it is meant to sit in your mouth and vibrate. The bottom of the device has a pod where the toothpaste is stored and released from. 

Dr. Karakozian says, “It’s interesting…” but it is not going to do better than a traditional toothbrush. “Your mouth is like a fingerprint; a manual toothbrush will work a lot better to get the nooks and crannies.”

Charcoal is showing up in all sorts of products claiming it has antibacterial and detoxing properties. The Doctors have a sonic toothbrush with charcoal filled bristles to test out. Dr. Sako uses a cob of corn with coffee grinds rubbed into it to act as teeth. He then tries uses a traditional toothbrush, an electronic one, and the sonic charcoal one to brush the grinds off the corn. 

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It vibrates at about 40,000 strokes per minute so you can see it is more effective than the other brushes at removing those coffee grinds. He thinks the charcoal-infused bristles may work the first few times but it’s not going to last for the life of the toothbrush. “The toothbrush itself is fantastic, but the charcoal bristles may be more of a marketing ploy,” says Dr. Karakozian.

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