Are Teen Hormones Being Disrupted by Chemicals from Plastics?

Playing Are Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Affecting Your Teen?

The Doctors discuss a study about how a chemical found in plastics is reportedly affecting teen hormones.

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The study found that 4 out of 5 teens are reportedly having their hormones affected by BPA, which has been shown to mimic estrogen in women and in men can lead to lower sperm counts. BPA can be found in some plastics and in the lining of certain cans. The chemical can affect the foods and beverages in these containers.

The Doctors note that teens in the study who changed their diet and avoided canned or packed items were able to reverse their BPA levels.

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The Doctors suggest searching out “BPA-free” cans and containers or opting for the frozen version of the item (if available) to avoid the chemical and selecting fresh foods would eliminate the presence of BPAs.

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