Are Sunscreen Drops and a Microfiber Towel Worth the Hype?

Playing Blend-In Sunscreen Drops – Buzz or Bust?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra loves that SPF is trending on social media and she’s here to test out one such product, Coola Organic SPF 30 Sun Silk Drops. These drops are light-weight, transparent and more liquidy than normal sunscreen. They are meant to be mixed into other things like makeup and lotion. “The idea is they turn anything into sunscreen,” says Dr. Batra.

Dr. Batra likes the feel of the drops but takes issue that they are calling the product 70% organic because she says, “This is completely a chemical block!” The active ingredients aren’t zinc and titanium which are the most effective broad-spectrum blockers but also the most organic molecules. 

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork comments that mineral-based sunscreens are by nature going to be thicker so that's likely why things that blend in nicely (like the Coola drops) are more chemical-based. Dr. Batra says yes, usually people think of zinc sunblock as the thick white stripes on lifeguards’ noses, but there are micronized forms that go on very sheer. 

Dr. Batra says the bottle is expensive at $47 and you need to use two entire droppers full to get the amount of SPF on the label which is going to run out pretty quickly. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon jokes that women should keep it away from their family members who may accidentally spread it all over their bodies! 

The Doctors put the drops to the test with a UV camera. They compared a bare face, one with sun silk, and one with a mineral block on. While the sun silk offered some coverage, the mineral block showed more. Dr. Batra says she prefers a mineral sunblock and doesn’t think the sun drops are an everyday product but overall it does have some buzz! 

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The next product Dr. Batra puts to the test is a microfiber towel. This is meant to be used to dry your hair and the density of the fiber and fabric is what sets it apart from a normal towel. There are 200,000 fibers per square inch which means this is going to absorb moisture from your hair much more efficiently. 

Dr. Batra explains that when your hair is wet, it’s more likely to be damaged if you are rough drying it with a towel. The microfiber towel is meant to be put on like a turban and then you gently pat your hair. Dr. Batra and her daughter gave it a try and both were fans! Dr. Batra says it cut her drying time by half. Subjecting your hair to less time under the hairdryer is less damaging overall. If you can’t guess already, Dr. Batra said this product is a buzz!