Are Red Blemishes and Spots on Woman's Legs Herpes?

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Kaydee from The Doctors staff has a concern about the red blemishes and spots that are often on her legs. She says these spots get exacerbated when she shaves or even dries her legs vigorously with a towel. When she was a child, a doctor told her mother that Kaydee's condition on her legs was a result of herpes.  

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Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra explains while the herpes simplex virus affects about two-thirds of the adult population, this is not what Kaydee has! What Kaydee is describing sounds to Dr. Batra like folliculitis. This is an inflammation of the hair follicles and it's much more common with someone is overheated, sweaty, or after shaving.

Dr. Batra explains there are bacteria that naturally live on the skin. When you are sweaty or after a close shave, there could be a nice doorway on the legs for the bacteria to infiltrate the skin around the follicles causing inflammation. This can be itchy and uncomfortable and scratching leads to more open sores.

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Treatment could involve shaving in the direction of hair growth to avoid such a close shave. Antibiotic ointments, oral antibiotics, or washes could be helpful, but Dr. Batra says the best long-term solution is permanent hair removal using lasers. The Doctors help Kaydee out by giving her 10 free laser hair-removal sessions at HairFree Laser Center!

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