Are Lip Oils and Glitter Masks a Buzz or Bust?

Playing Glitter Masks - Beauty Buzz or Bust?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra tried out two of the hottest beauty products to let you know if they’re a buzz or a bust! The first product is a lip oil. The idea behind this product is to help with the age-old dilemma: do you use a balm to hydrate your lips or a gloss to make them look fashionable? With lip oil, you can have it all!

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Dr. Batra shares that her lips felt much more hydrated when she used a lip oil. It added a nice tint of color and could be used alone or over a base color to keep the lips hydrated throughout the day. 

Dr. Batra gives the lip oil a buzz! She advises viewers to look for oils that contain argan oil, which is also great in other skin care products because it doesn’t typically clog pores. She also says to look at the ingredient list and make sure there is a high concentration of oil. The lip oil ingredient list should have the oils in it at the top. 

The next product is a glitter face mask that is showing up all over social media! Dr. Batra tested out the GlamGlow Gravity Mud glitter mask with her daughter and this too was a buzz! She shares that at first, as a dermatologist, she was concerned about it. The host of “Face The Truth” Vivica A. Fox is in the studio and shares her own experiences with glitter. She says when she was in “Batman & Robin” she wore a lot of glitter for her role and her skin absorbed so much of it that for weeks glitter was still popping up on her!

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Dr. Batra explains there are different types of glitter and the type in this mask is better than others. She says the mask smells like a piña colada, and it both stings and cools when you put it on. She says the ingredients are great for skin hydration. Unlike many peel-off masks which strip the skin and could cause irritation, this mask uses a Canadian colloidal clay which calms the skin. The box says to peel the mask off at about 20 minutes but Dr. Batra felt it needed closer to 40 to fully dry. Give it a try and have your camera ready, these masks make for a fun photo op!

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