Are Alcohol and Parenting Memes Funny or Dangerous?

Playing Are Social Media Memes Encouraging Unsafe Alcohol Use?

If you've scrolled through social media, you've probably seen memes joking about needing a drink as a parent. Memes like:

  • I like to play a game where I take a shot every time one of my kids says 'mom'.
  • A mother's sacrifice isn't giving birth. It's 9 months without wine.
  • The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine I have to drink.

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The Doctors debate, are these memes just having fun with parenthood or are they making alcoholism normalized behavior? They acknowledge both sides of the argument. Hopefully, those who are writing these do them in jest, and it's just a fun playful way to laugh at parenthood. However, alcoholism is a growing issue in this country.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares that alcohol abuse and dependence are up 83%. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says he sees how these memes put too much emphasis on using alcohol as an escape. Dr. Nita says if women reading and writing these think it's okay to drink 4 or more glasses a day, they are in the category of high-risk drinking. On the other hand, a glass of wine after a long day? Totally okay!

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork does advise parents to think when they are drinking a lot, what would happen if there was an emergency situation with their child? This is a risk he says people often don't think about. 

The Doctors want to raise their one responsibly drank glass to moms everywhere! 

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