Are 70 Percent of People Doing Drugs on the Job?

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Playing Americans High on the Job?

The number of people reportedly admitting to using drugs at work might shock you!

The Doctors discuss a poll from which found that nearly 7 out of 10 people admitted to doing drugs while at work. Those who admitted to doing drugs while on the job had to do so even if they only used once while working. Some of the drugs people admitted to were opiates and benzodiazepines (pills like Xanax and Valium), cocaine, amphetamines, heroin and crack cocaine.

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With marijuana use now legal in many states -- either recreationally or medicinally -- lawyer Anthony Tall joins the discussion to weigh in on how possibly using cannabis while on the job could affect someone's employment. He says that unless you are in charge of someone's safety as part of your job, that using marijuana  (if it is legal in your state) is not necessarily illegal or unlawful. He says if your workplace does not have a policy in effect regarding marijuana usage (and it is legal in your state) and someone is fired for using it, he feels that person could file a lawsuit.

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The Doctors also note that marijuana might be legal in certain states, but federally it is not and they stress that people be aware of all potential grey areas regarding using drugs and your employment.