Anti-Inflammatory Meals to Heal the Body

Playing MS Diagnosis Inspired Woman to Create Anti-Inflammatory and Tasty Meals

The Doctors welcome Ivy Larson, author of “Clean Cuisine Cookbook” to share her take on how to make healthy tasty meals without getting that post-meal bloated feeling.

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She tells us that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 22. Her neurologist recommended she adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, but she still wanted to enjoy great tasting food, which inspired her to create her cookbook with the help of her husband who is a doctor.

Ivy shares her recipes for a vegetable-filled salad (a favorite of her dad's), a healthy take on a Chinese food favorite, and even a chocolate dessert.

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“I love your story... you are proving to people, something I always say, is that food can be your medicine, Dr. Travis Stork tells Ivy.

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