America Is Facing a Ketchup Shortage! Find Out How to Make Your Own


A year of getting takeout and delivery has lead to a shortage in America -- a shortage of ketchup packets!

CNN reports the combination of so many takeout orders coupled with traditional sitdown restaurants pivoting to takeout has led to the use of more ketchup packets than usual and now there is a shortage.

America's biggest ketchup maker, Heinz, announced they are ramping up production of their ketchup packets by 25 percent to address the issue.

But, the shortage has led to people trying to sell packets of the condiment on eBay, with some listing asking $!0 for 50 packets and another offering 100 packets for $11.99.

But before you start buying ketchup packets online for high prices, The Doctors suggest making your own at home.

And once you have your homemade ketchup consider putting a whole new flavor spin on the condiment with Rachael Ray's sriracha ketchup recipe and her balsamic ketchup recipe.

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