All He Needs Are Plastic Cups and a Timer to Wow You!

Playing How Sport Stacking Has Helped Man with Autism

Jesse Horn is a competitor for Team USA… in sport stacking! You may not be familiar with this sport but watching Jesse stack cups against the timer has ER physician Dr. Travis Stork mesmerized! Jesse joins The Doctors to share with them how he began stacking and to show them how it’s done!

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Jesse was diagnosed with autism at a young age and says stacking has helped with his hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, focus, and brain development. He also says his confidence has risen and “autism has made no difference to my sport stacking family.” 

Jesse shares he was 9 years old when he saw a commercial promoting the sport. “I just thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!" Jesse begged his aunt to buy him those cups. His aunt Lola did and has supported his passion ever since. She joins The Doctors as well.

“From tantrums to pulling down blinds on the walls to growing to a young man doing motivational speaking… and moving families and giving them hope, it’s pretty amazing!” says Lola. Lola says once those cups came into their house it was a constant thing and became a passion for Jesse. “We started taking him to as many tournaments as we could, we sold everything but our underwear to get him there!”

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Dr. Travis challenges Jesse and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon to engage in a friendly cup staking competition and it’s no surprise who wins!

Dr. Travis notes that Jesse is big into autism advocacy and the Autism Society of America has invited Jesse and Lola to their 51st Annual Autism Society National Conference in Washington, D.C.