Age Slower By Reading Every Day?

Playing Drs. Rx: Is The Next Anti-Aging Tool a Book?

Looking to slow down the clock and feel younger? The answer might be that unread book sitting on your nightstand!

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The Doctors share the results of a study which found that reading every day helps to keep your brain active, which may slow down the body’s aging process and also reduce the body's stress levels. In addition to reducing stress and increasing brain activity, reading every day may also help someone sleep better, something The Doctors say could translate to one's appearance. They suggest if you are well-rested and getting your "beauty rest" every night that this may help improve someone's skin and overall health.

The study examined people who read for at least 30 minutes each day, and also found that people who read daily tended to also live longer.

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Also in the video above, The Doctors discuss an item you most likely have in your kitchen which may also contain anti-aging properties -- time to start cooking and reading more -- it just might help you live longer!

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