Actress Jennifer Lewis' Bipolar Battle

Playing Actress Jenifer Lewis Opens up about Bipolar Disorder

The Doctors are joined by actress, singer, and author of the new book “Mother of Black Hollywood” Jennifer Lewis. The star suffers from bipolar disorder but she manages it with medication and therapy. Jennifer tells The Doctors she is very much alive and “loves living!”

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Jennifer shares her entire story in her new book and does so because of two words, “I care.” OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry points out that bipolar disorder is like a rollercoaster where you can go through very high, highs, and very low, lows. Jennifer says she was usually manic during the daytime when the sun was out but notes that that mania becomes dangerous. Jennifer says “that same mania will have you speeding in your car… buying a huge house… shopping and buying the whole store... that same mania causes addictions, mine was sex.”

Jennifer says there are two things that will change a human being. One, a life-threatening diagnosis. The second, which happened to her, is you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

She credits the start of her recovery to her good girlfriends noticing something was wrong. “You know if your girlfriend hasn’t come out of the house in two weeks, something's wrong.” Jennifer attributes gardening as a way to find peace with her bipolar disorder. Jennifer opened her home to The Doctors and showed them her beautiful garden.