Aaron Carter: How the Singer Is Doing since His Drs. Appearance & Rehab

Playing Aaron Carter: Celebrity 911

Earlier this season, Aaron Carter, who was concerned about his health and well-being, came to The Doctors for an exclusive two-part interview and we have an update on the headline-making singer.

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The Doctors had Aaron undergo a battery of tests to better understand the state of his health. During his wide-ranging and extensive interview, he spoke candidly about his life and set the record straight about his arrest, drug abuse allegations, extreme weight loss, family issues and his sexuality. At a sit-down with Dr. Travis Stork and gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, we revealed to the singer that he tested negative for all STDs and that his liver, kidney, thyroid, and stomach were healthy, but it was determined that he was suffering from malnourishment and endangering himself with the mixing of prescription medications.

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During the interview, he told Dr. Strok and Dr. Rodriguez, "I don’t want to be on these pills, so let's get off them. I want the tools… to not dig my own grave," and agreed to start treatment, but left prior to completing the treatment we provided.    


"Since his appearance here on The Doctors, Aaron's life has been on the upswing," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares, saying that the singer has released his first album in first in 15 years, titled, "Love," and has embarked on a tour. "We wish Aaron nothing but the best," Dr. Travis adds.