A New Spray for Burns?

Playing Could Spray-On Skin Help Heal Burn Victims?

Could the future of wound and burn care be in the form of a simple spray?

The Doctors discuss a new spray-on skin that is being used at Ohio State University. The spray is created by harvesting skin cells from the body and has been shown to accelerate the healing process. The spray appears to work best on 2nd-degree burns, where some of the dermis is still intact on the wound.

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But how does this whole process work? The Doctors explain that the liquid skin solution, which is grafted from another area of the body, can be created in just 20 minutes in a special device. The solution is then sprayed on to the wound or burn and could be administered shortly after the injury.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says injuries which would have taken months to heal can now be treated in a little as a few weeks with the use of the spray-on skin solution.

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In addition to burns, The Doctors believe this technology could be used with other injuries involving any soft tissue of the body, like road rash, and possibly for cosmetic surgeries.


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