Spousal Performance Reviews Dos and Don'ts

In her Wall Street Journal article, "Give Your Husband a Performance Review," author Jennifer Breheny Wallace introduces the idea of conducting a year-end review of your relationship with your significant other. She joins The Doctors to share her experience of conducting a review with her husband, and why she thinks a year-end review could be beneficial for your relationship.

"For my husband and myself, ours is a very positive review," she says. "We sort of treat it like a date night. We talk over dinner about what worked over the year as a couple, what's not quite working, and how we could get it fixed. But we do it together, and it's taught us so much."

Here are Jennifer's Dos and Don'ts for conducting a year-end review:

Don't wait to bring up big problems

Do use humor

Don't turn this into a marriage counseling session

Do use the hamburger technique (sandwich a criticism between two compliments)

Don't nitpick

Do end on a high note

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