Is Clutter Fattening?

Organizing expert Dorothy Breininger may be best known for helping others remove clutter from their homes on A&E's  Hoarders , but she quickly realized she, too, had a cluttering problem: She was cluttering her body with extra pounds. At her heaviest? Dorothy weighed 200 pounds, but when she realized she was hoarding food, she was able to shed 75 pounds by adjusting her eating habits.

Dorothy shares the story of how she lost 75 pounds.

Decluttering inspires people, Dorothy explains. Hanging up clothes, checking old emails, opening the bills, and emptying your voicemail box relieves people of the anxiety they carry around every day — which causes them to eat.

"That’s the whole thing," Dorothy says. "We see the clutter, and we eat because of the clutter. I mean, what's underneath all our clutter is what we want to ask."

Three Tips for Decluttering Your Life: 

1. Whether you are stressed, fatigued or overworked, identify what is "out of whack" in your life. Often, those life issues are the cause of the clutter and the weight gain.

2. Begin the decluttering process immediately. Don't expect perfection. Set a timer for 15-30 minutes and declutter in one room of your home.

3. Reward yourself with a healthy behavior such as eating raspberries, walking up a flight of stairs or meditating. Create positive links between decluttering and getting healthy for several days in a row.

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