New Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal

One in five Americans has a tattoo, but they’re not all great works of body art. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alex Kaplan joins The Doctors to demonstrate how a new type of laser treatment, PicoSure, can help you erase your unsightly tattoo in half the time of traditional removal treatments.

PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser. It compresses the energy into 100 times shorter a duration than other lasers, delivering more energy in a shorter period of time. While traditional tattoo lasers use heat to dissolve the ink, the PicoSure uses pressure-wave technology to shatter ink. As every tattoo is different, however, the number of treatments necessary to remove a tattoo will vary.

To demonstrate how the new laser works, Karen volunteers to have Dr. Kaplan remove an embarrassing tattoo of her and her ex-boyfriend on her forearm. As a teacher, she finds the tattoo to be particularly awkward because her students call attention to it. "I've been teaching at the same school for a while, and the students know me, and they know this breakup happened," she says. "So when new students come in and say, 'What's that tattoo?!' the other students turn and are like, 'SHH! You're going to make her mad, she's going to give us homework!'"  

Dr. Kaplan explains that the PicoSure laser is groundbreaking. "It's revolutionary," he says, adding, "It compresses that laser energy into the picosecond range ... nanosecond was the old technology, picosecond is a hundred times faster and just smashes [that] tattoo ink into dust."

Dr. Kaplan uses the laser on Karen's tattoo. See the results of just one treatment!

Dr. Kaplan estimates that it will only take an additional three treatments to completely remove Karen's tattoo.

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