The Doctors' "Lose It For Love" Boot Camp

Two married couples go head to head to lose weight and rekindle their relationship in The Doctors' first ever "Lose It For Love" Boot Camp! Both couples have committed to making a change to become healthier and pass on better eating and exercise habits to their children. Each team has its own celebrity coach — legendary former professional football player Dan Marino for the red team, and world-renowned singer and actress Marie Osmond for the blue team — as well as a professional fitness instructor to help the competitors on their path to healthier, happier lives.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork emphasizes, "Before you ever start a weight loss regimen, you should always make sure that medically, not only are you ready for it, but that there's not something else going on ... if you start having thyroid problems, you could do everything right, but still not lose weight."

Meet the Teams
Meet the couples who are competing to lose the most weight and get their sexy back! 

The Blue Team:
Meet Amber and Marvin. They've been together for six years and hope to swap their potato chip habit for something a little healthier.

The Red Team:
Meet Lori and Oscar. They've been married for eight years and hope to pass on healthy eating habits to
their three children.

Meet the Team Leaders
Acclaimed singer and actress Marie Osmond and legendary former professional football player Dan Marino share their weight loss stories.

Marie describes her
lifelong battle with diets and shares what finally worked for her.

Dan shares 
how he shed the pounds he gained after retiring.

The Starting Line

Watch as
the teams weigh-in and learn what's in store for them in the competition. 

The Challenge
Each team implemented a weight loss plan that combines a balanced, low-calorie diet with a personalized exercise regimen. The competitors are able to choose from a variety of entree and dessert options offered on the Nutrisystem 1,200-calorie meal plan, which allow them to eat well and control their hunger. Additionally, they are working with their team fitness trainers — bootcamp trainer Joel Rush for the red team and Astrid McGuire for the blue team — to get their heart rates up and their pant-sizes down.

"When you're overweight, activity is a pain," Marie says. "When you start to lose weight, your knees feel better, your joints feel better, you want to be more active."

Learn more about what each trainer has planned for the teams' fitness regimen.

The Results
The couples went head to head to lose weight and rekindle their relationship. They've all cut calories and worked hard at the gym, but only one team can be crowned the winner. See the couples' amazing transformations, and learn how they lost a combined 136 pounds!