Sharon Osbourne's Weight Loss

Reality star and talk show host Sharon Osbourne says she's had a "terrible weight problem" her entire life and at one time weighed 230 pounds. "I’ve tried everything from powders to potions to diet pills, to having a band put on my stomach, which nearly killed me," she says. 

Sharon recently lost more than 20 pounds in two months and attributes her weight loss success to the Atkins Diet, which she says does not make her feel deprived. "I like to eat," says Sharon, who is a spokesperson for the diet brand.

Sharon also weighs in on a controversial tongue patch diet procedure, which requires patients to have a patch surgically attached to their tongues for a month. The patch makes eating solid food uncomfortable and forces patients to be on a liquid-only diet.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork warns that you should be careful when you are engaging in a weight loss program of any kind.

Cosmetic surgeons Dr. Paul Chugay and his son Nikolas explain how the tongue patch procedure works.

Sharon shares how she remains positive in the face of her family's health problems