Dr. Travis in Bicycling Magazine

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork discusses bike commuting in Hollywood, building bikes in Africa and bunny-hops gone horribly wrong in an interview with Emily Furia from Bicycling magazine.

How did you get into cycling?

Dr. Travis:
I lived in Washington, D.C. after college and with pretty much my first paycheck, I bought a bike to commute to work. One day, a friend invited me to go mountain biking. I think I went over the bar five times; I was a bloody mess. I was totally hooked. I don't have a car in L.A., and everyone thinks I'm crazy. I bike to the studio, bike to the coffee shop, bike to the gym. I'll ride into the Paramount lot, and there will be a Mercedes in front of me and a BMW behind me. I'm on my first mountain bike, which I've converted to a single speed. I know they're thinking: Who is this guy? Can he not afford a car?

What can cyclists do to reduce their chances of seeing you in the ER?

Dr. Travis: Number one, the helmet thing. I've seen head injuries where people will never be the same because they weren't wearing one, or they unfastened the strap. Also, I always double check that all quick-releases are tight. I've seen some terrible injuries where people went to bunny-hop and the front wheel popped off. But most injuries with experienced cyclists aren't because of mechanical issues. It's usually going down hills, losing control. I still love to go fast — downhills are the fruits of your labor — but I've grown adept at looking for obstacles.

You can read the entire interview in the May issue of Bicycling and at Bicycling.com.

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