Mighty Mammaries

Susan, known on stage as Busty Heart, has an unusual profession: She uses her size 34M breasts to break and flatten items. She says that so far she hasn't had any major damage because she hasn't attempted to break anything she knew she couldn't crush. However, she sees her doctor almost every year to get an ultrasound on her breasts to make sure they are healthy. Susan says that bras are very painful for large-chested women like her because they groove into her shoulders and put weight on her back. She joins The Doctors to get tips to finding the right bra.

The co-hosts of Lifetime's Double Divas, Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins, explain that the support of a bra comes from the band. Cynthia further explains that in the U.S., stores generally don't carry bra sizes larger than DD or DDD, so women with larger cup sizes but relatively small waists, like Susan, end up purchasing the wrong size.

Cynthia and Molly offer three tips to help women find the right bra

Although many women fear purchasing a bra with an underwire because they believe the wire could cause breast cancer, Cynthia dispels the myth. She explains that the wire itself doesn't cause cancer, but rather, "it's the way you wear the wire that could harm your breast." Molly says that to ensure you're not harming your breasts, the wire should be flat against your ribcage, surrounding the entire breast, and not moving around.


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