Tips to Protect Yourself from Digital Stalkers

Parents across the country received an alarming wake-up call, after a Houston couple reported hearing a strange voice in their child's bedroom and discovered it was coming from their baby monitor.

George Kurtz, tech and security expert from CrowdStrike, says you should be aware that digital hackers can stalk you and your family through cameras and other devices that are connected to the Internet through wireless networks.

George says that the No. 1 thing that you can do to protect yourself is to create strong passwords for your online accounts.

"[People] pick poor passwords for their email, but they reuse them for their bank account, their Web cameras and everything else," he said.

How to Protect Your Baby Monitors and Security Cameras:
• Change the admin password.

• Use a Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) to set up a password because it uses better encryption standards and is very difficult to crack.
• Set a strong password that is:

• At least eight characters long
• Does not contain your username, real name or company name
• Does not contain a complete word
• Is significantly different from previous passwords
• Contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols

• Be aware of software updates on your cameras.
• Guard the people who have access to your computers and your passwords, including babysitters and housekeepers.
• Don't leave your cell phone unattended.
• Change your default port.

How to Turn Off Geo Tracking on Your Cell Phone:
For iPhones:

• Under settings, choose location and then choose privacy. Turn off the camera tracking, and make sure to turn off tracking for Facebook and Twitter, if you don't want tracking for those sites.

For Androids:
• Go under settings, then go to location, and turn off tracking.

Once this setting is turned off on your phone, there is no longer a need to worry about posting your pictures and being tracked.

If you have any questions, contact your local cell phone provider.