Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign

Working with Irish actor Chris O'Dowd, the United Kingdom's Male Cancer Awareness campaign hopes to raise money, not to mention eyebrows, to construct a big, "ballsy" hot air balloon to float over London.

"Why, I hear you ask, are we going through all this trouble? Well, it's a hot air balloon in the shape of a giant scrotum. What other reason do you need?" O'Dowd says in the campaign's promotional video.

Statistics show that approximately 98 percent of young men survive testicular cancer when it's diagnosed early.

"Testicular cancer is one of those types of cancer that tends to affect younger men," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. "It's actually the most common cancer in American males who are between the ages of 15 and 34. Men at that age tend to take health for granted. There's no defined test [for testicular cancer] except for self-exam," he adds.

Common signs of testicular cancer are a lump in one or both testicles, a swollen or enlarged testicle and a hefty feeling in the scrotum. Other more subtle symptoms include dull aches in the lower back, lower abdomen and groin.

See the full-length uncensored video below!

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