Brain Tumor Removal

When Laura noticed a bump on her forehead was growing, she was convinced that something was wrong, even though doctors told her, "It's no big deal."

"I felt that whatever was growing was growing on the other side of my skull, and I just made sure I pushed until they sent me to see Dr. Yang," Laura says.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Isaac Yang at UCLA identified the bump as a tumor that was growing dangerously close to her brain and needed to be removed.

"Anything that grows is bad, especially in the brain," he says.

Dr. Yang said if the tumor kept growing, it could cause Laura to lose her vision and could potentially spread to other parts of her body.

Common Symptoms of Brain Tumors:
• Seizures
• Headaches
• Changes in speech, hearing and vision
• Problems with balance
• Numbness in arms and legs
• Inability to concentrate

“If something changes, and it’s been the same way your whole life — all of a sudden it starts changing — something is going on," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.