Top 6 Most Inspiring Stories

The Doctors top 6 most inspiring stories highlight people who have faced daunting medical odds, maintained positive attitudes, embraced life and helped others.


1. A mother hears her son's voice for the first time
Dawn, a mother of two, hasn't been able to hear for 15 years and has never heard her 9-year-old son's voice. When she learned she was a candidate for a cochlear implant, she underwent the procedure to make a difference in her family’s life.

Husband pleas for kidney for ailing wife

Larry was heartbroken when he learned his wife of 57 years needed a kidney transplant. See the tremendous strides he's taken to find a donor!

3. Carly finds her voice
Carly was diagnosed with a severe form of autism at age two. The developmental disorder caused cognitive delays and a condition called oral motor apraxia, which prevents her from speaking.

4.  Carmen shows off her new face
Carmen Tarleton first appeared on The Doctors after surviving a brutal attack that left her face severely disfigured. After a 15-hour face transplant, she reveals her amazing transformation to the world!

A father teaches a lasting lesson

Jeff is a high school teacher whose son was born with a rare brain disorder. See how raising a child with special needs is helping him teach the biggest lesson of all.

Man is dog's best friend

John's 19-year-old dog, Schoep, suffered from arthritis and was unable to sleep because of the pain. So John took Schoep into Lake Superior to let him sleep peacefully on his shoulder.

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