Top 6 DIY Beauty Tips

Whether you want to save money, avoid harsh chemicals or just look and feel better, The Doctors' top 6 do-it-yourself beauty tips have you covered from head to toe!

Dr. Ordon's anti-wrinkle recipes

Minimize signs of aging with a natural anti-wrinkle mask and moisturizer.

2. Natural hair masks

Rejuvenate your locks a hair mask personalized for your hair type that you can whip up in your kitchen.

3.  Pineapple pedicure
Achieve smooth, sexy feet with a pineapple pedicure!

4. Pumpkin facial
Exfoliate, stimulate and refresh your skin with an at-home pumpkin facial.

5. Blissful manicure

Brighten dull nails with beauty expert Kym Douglas' quick do-it-yourself fix.


6. Dr. Ordon's $2 two-fer for better skin
Reduce swelling and stimulate collagen production with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon's $2 Two-fer facial treatment.

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