Trophy Room

Trophy Room

The Doctors introduced their 2010 Health Challenge to kick of the new year, and we are now checking up your progress with your resolutions. Furthermore we are giving all you late bloomers a chance to follow-through with that New Year's resolution that you might have put off.

Here's how it works. Join The Doctors' 2010 Health Challenge community, and sign one of our Quit Smoking, Less Stress, or Lose Weight contracts to help cement your commitment to a healthier you. Then stay active in the community by posting updates on your own struggles and successes, commenting on other community members resolutions and we be keeping tabs on you. As you further your commitment we'll be presenting awards to our members who strive for a healthier 2010.

Earn Awards

So join in on the action if you haven't already and watch your awards go from Bronze to Gold and beyond. See how many you can collect, compete against your friends and other community members in a race to the top that will also help you work towards a healthier you in 2010.


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