5 Surprising Sex Tricks

The following page contains mature subject matter and is not appropriate for children.

5. Role play: Novelty gets endorphins pumping, so keep things alive with fun role-play. 

4. Take it out of the bedroom: Spontaneity can spice up any situation, especially sex. Every now and then, try getting down and dirty in an unusual place, at an unusual time. The excitement and adrenaline rush will draw you closer together. 

3. Watch erotic videos together: If your partner is interested in watching adult films together, embrace it. They can be used as foreplay and inspire new ideas for doing the deed.

2. Foreplay all day: Foreplay begins long before you enter the bedroom. Send an erotic text to your loved one during the day to create anticipation and excitement.

1. Men have a G-Spot: Contrary to popular belief, men do have a G-Spot — the prostate. Pressure on the prostate can intensify arousal and orgasm in men, but no need to stimulate rectally, Dr. Berman says. Applying pressure from the outside can create a great amount of pleasure.


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