8 Surprising Ways to Burn Calories


Hitting the gym isn't the only way to burn calories! E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith reveal eight surprising ways to burn calories throughout the day.

1. Swing yourself skinny! Burn calories and build eight key muscles by doing lunges, squats, pushups and core kicks on a swingset at your local park. Watch the clip above for a demonstration.

2. Knock out 86 calories in an hour by playing 8 Ball at your local billiards room.

3. Tickle the ivories! Playing some tunes on the piano slashes 170 calories per hour.

4. Do laundry. Folding clothes for 30 minutes will crumple 72 calories.

5. Take a spin at the ice or roller rink! Skating for an hour can shred a whopping 325 calories.

6. Shop the aisles at the grocery store for 30 minutes and burn 81 calories.

7. Fly a kite for 30 minutes and send 80 calories soaring.

8. Make out with your significant other for an hour and burn 238 calories.

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