"Whatever it Would Take"


 "Whatever it Would Take"After Joey was born without legs because of a rare birth defect, his mother left him at the hospital in Romania and never returned. One day, Chrystal walked into the orphanage where Joey was and knew that she was meant to be his mother.

"I felt that when I walked into that orphanage and looked into his eyes, I recognized him, and he was mine," Chrystal said. "From that moment, whatever it would take to get him the life he needed was what I wanted to do."

Today, Joey is 20 and he's still walking on the prosthetic legs that he was fitted for when he was 8 years old. 

Get information about Grace's Lamp , the charity Joey and his family founded to help other families adopt children and to help with any needed medical treatments.

Hear how Joey and his parents are raising money for new adult prosthetics.

Joey visits Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics to learn about new legs that could work for him.

Watch as Joey's mom sees him walk with his new prosthetic legs for the first time.

The Doctors have another surprise for Joey.