Dr. Ruth's Top Sex Tips

The following page contains mature subject matter and is not appropriate for children.

Put some sizzle back in your sex life with professional tips from world-renowned psychosexual therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer!

1. Learn how you and your partner like to be touched by exploring every inch of each other's body. Try places you've never been before, like the back of the leg. This is not foreplay, but more of a learning experience; however, don't be alarmed if it turns into foreplay.

2. Have a sense of humor in the bedroom! It will make you both feel more relaxed.

3. Sexual stimulation is linked to intellectual stimulation, so turn off the TV and engage in some thoughful conversation. Remember, a woman's biggest erogenous zone is her mind.

4. Over breakfast with your partner, make evening plans for a sexy rendezvous, then spend a few moments throughout your day fantasizing about your date. You'll become mentally aroused and by the time you pull into the driveway the mood is already set.

5. Trying to pleasure your partner should be fun, not a chore. Try different positions to found out what works for you and him/her, and practice as much as possible.

6. Women need to cuddle after sex. It makes them feel more in touch and in love. Ladies, if your man tries to turn over and sleep, start spooning him and tell him it's early foreplay for the next round.

7. For more fun between the sheets, add some yoga to your daily routine. It not only gets the blood pumping, which helps with arousal, but stretching promotes flexibility.

8. Most women don't orgasm through G-Spot stimulation, so don't be disappointed if you can't find it and move on!