Shocking Brain Boost



CNN’s chief medical correspondent and author Sanjay Gupta shares his throughts on a new, cutting-edge treatment that could boost your brain power.

Dr. Gupta explains that the studies do not focus on electroconvulsive therapy, which induces seizures.

Instead, the studies show that transcranial direct stimulation, or mild electric shocks to the brain, might improve memory, focus and concentration by helping information travel from one place to another in the brain more quickly.

“The idea is that you are actually making some of the neurons in the brain more excitable,” he said. “If they are (in a) more excitable phase, might they be more likely to allow you to learn something, to retain it, to remember it and to be able to recall it later on?”

Do You Want To Be an M.D.?
Dr. Gupta also talks about producing a TV medical drama based on his novel Monday Mornings about the closed door meetings where doctors hold each other accountable for the complications they encounter during the week. Plus, actors Jennifer Finnigan and Jamie Bamber share how they prepared to play nuerosurgeons on the show.


Dr. Gupta says the set of the new Monday Mornings TV show is so accurate he could perform surgery there if needed.

Dr. Travis puts some of the actors who play neurosurgeons on Monday Mornings to the test in a game of “Do you want to be an M.D.?”


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