Kym Douglas' Sideline Beauty Secrets

Beauty expert Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens , gives tips and tricks to tackle common beauty complaints. From a slimming body wrap to reduce bloating to solutions for puffy eyes and sore feet, see what at-home treatments The Doctors ’ “Beauty Trainer” has in store.

At-Home Ace Bandage Body Wrap

• 1 tbsp. of epsom salt
• 2 tbsp. aloe vera gel
• 1 tbsp. of olive oil
• 3 cups of water


1. Heat water to a rolling boil.
2. Add other ingredients and stir.
3. Remove from heat and place rolled up bandages in water to soak in the mixture.
4. Apply to body by wrapping tightly but do not cut off circulation.

Ice Pack Facial
• 1 part rubbing alcohol
• 3 parts water


Combine rubbing alcohol and water into re-sealable plastic bag. The alcohol will prevent the water from completely freezing, making shapeable ice!

Heated Minty Lemon Foot Soak

• Basin or foot bathtub
• One dozen or more flat pebbles
• Hot water
• 1 lemon, sliced
• Splash of peppermint oil
• 5-10 mint leaves, crushed


1. Lay flat pebbles on the bottom of the basin.
2. Fill with water (as warm/hot as you can stand).
3. Add lemon slices, peppermint oil and mint leaves.
4. Slide feet over the stones to massage and relax.

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