7 Pizzas That Are Actually Good for You!

Playing Drs. Rx: Health up Your Pizza with a Beet Crust?

Who doesn't love pizza? Yet your average slice can be loaded with calories and lacking any nutritional benefits. A typical pizza crust is made with refined flour which acts like sugar in your body. However, The Doctors have shared time and again that pizza doesn't have to be this way. Creative crusts make pizza a treat you can indulge in all the time!

The Doctors test out a beet and flaxseed crust and they like it!

"You wouldn't know this doesn't have flour in it," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says of the oatmeal and almond crusted pie by Marley Ficalora.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley uses a brown rice tortilla as her healthy base before topping her pizza with vegan cheese and portabello mushrooms. 

There are tons of vegetables you can use for a crust to make pizza, like these ones, using broccoli and zucchini. Both pies are loaded with vitamins, fiber and most importantly, they still taste good!

Like something a bit sweeter? Give a sweet potato crust a try.

Or if you want something really sweet... maybe even more of a dessert, this watermelon crust pizza is for you.

Dr. Travis loves to say, "pizza can be a vegetable delivery system," so with any of these pizzas, feel free to get creative with your veggie toppings!

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