7 Beauty Buys Under $20 We Love

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Playing 7 Derm Approved Beauty Buys Under $20

There's no reason looking your best has to cost a fortune. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares some her favorite beauty buys and they all cost under 20 dollars.

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Gua sha facial stone and jade roller: Dr. Batra explains that gua sha is often used on the back and can leave bruises and scrape marks, but when used on the face she says it should be done gently. She says it can relax facial muscles, improve circulation, and help de-puff the face. She suggests using a jade stone and always use an "upward and outward" motion when rubbing the stone on the face. She says the stone used for a gua sha facial stone should cost between $10 to 15 dollars.

* This gua sha facial stone is highly rated and very affordable and will make a wonderful addition to your beauty product lineup. Another similar product is a jade roller, which Dr. Batra says she keeps in the freezer to shrink blood vessels and depuff. This well-reviewed jade roller also includes a gua sha stone as well.

Wet Brush: To helps combat coarse hair from tangling, senior investigative producer and beauty guru Leslie Marcus suggests using a detangling brush that works on both wet or dry hair. She tested it out herself and says it shaved off about 30 minutes of her beauty routine. Leslie explains this brush has softer bristles that move with the hair shaft. It also has vents on the back which if blow-drying, reduces the overall time. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says these vents are such a clever idea because overbrushing can damage the hair. She adds if you have straighter, finer hair, it’s a great brush to use when wet. For more curly or kinky hair, it’s better to brush when dry because it’s less damaging.

* These detangling brushes, which come in a variety of colors, have rave reviews and work on both wet and dry hair.

Indian healing clay: Our dermatologist explains this beautifying healing clay comes from areas with volcanic ash and it contains calcium, magnesium, and sodium. It comes in a powder-form and Dr. Batra says you can mix it with water or as the package suggests, apple cider vinegar, and use as a mask on your face for 10 – 20 minutes. Dr. Batra says this is great for acne-prone people, have oily skin, or like her, wear a ton of makeup.

* We love the highly rated Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay which has over 16,000 reviews! 

Witch hazel toner: Dr. Batra explains this was originally used as a toner for people who wanted to balance the pH of their skin. Today many cleansers already are pH balanced, but Dr. Batra says there are still uses for it. She says people like the astringent aspect of witch hazel and it can be used after face wash to remove excess dirt and makeup. Or, it can be used beforehand as a makeup remover. There are different formulations, the one Dr. Batra has includes aloe and glycerin which are both hydrating. 

* We recommend Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera, which is very affordable and has nearly 25,000 reviews!

Ice Roller: We love this simple and straightforward beauty product, which comes with a water and gel handpiece that you keep in the freezer until ready to use. Dr. Batra says this is a great way to depuff, calm inflammation, and great for those prone to rosacea and redness. She tells some patients to bring it to the gym to calm their blood vessels after a workout. She even used it in her practice on patients after they received laser treatments.

* Revitalize and calm your skin with this ice roller, which costs just over 10 dollars, and is highly reviewed.

Gentle steam eye masks: Dr. Batra says when these masks are opened the iron powder and water in the mask cause a chemical reaction when exposed to oxygen and heats up on its own. She says it can help with dry eyes and she also help you relax and can even be used during a nap.

* This well-reviewed pack of 16 masks will help revitalize your eyes for less 20 dollars.

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