Sex Tips from Lisa Rinna

The Value of Sex
Actress and author Lisa Rinna joins The Doctors to reveal some of her homemade beauty treatments and to discuss tips from her new book, The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book, co-authored by sexuality counselor Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

“I grew up with [sex] not being okay to talk about and I really learned over the years how important [sex] really is. We need to talk about it and we need to be able to ask questions,” Lisa says.

“[The book has] really important information so that you can feel confident and comfortable having sex.”

Lisa and Dr. Kerner provide two married couples with sex advice to reignite the flame in their relationships.

"Something simple that everybody can do is [to] give your partner a 30-second hug,” Dr. Kerner adds. “It’s been shown that if you just hug your partner for 30 seconds, especially in women, it raises oxytocin levels, which increases that sense of trust. Having a great sex life really starts outside of the bedroom.”