Breast Cysts

A cyst is a dilated sac of fluid that develops in the breast tissue. Many women have cysts in their breasts, but most women don’t know that there are different types of cysts.

Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk explains the difference between benign and malignant cysts and how you
can tell the difference.

If a cyst is found, your doctor will perform an ultrasound to determine whether it's benign or cancerous, then drain the fluid out of it.

How to prevent cysts:

Adjust hormone levels
Cysts are hormonally-based, so going on birth control pills can help minimize the formation of them. Stopping hormone supplements if you're 60 years of age or older can help minimize cysts.

Eliminate caffeine
Caffeine can stimulate cyst growth, so watch your coffee, soft drink and chocolate intake carefully.

Reduce salt intake
Excess sodium will cause your body to retain water, so if you already have cysts and consume a lot of sodium, they will most likely get bigger.

• Perform regular breast self-examination
As always, know your body! You are your own best defense against potential ailments.