How to Improve Your Fertility

Fertility specialist Dr. Jain says that women who stop taking their birth control pills and have sex when they’re ovulating can expect to be pregnant within three to six months. He recommends women get pregnant before age 35, which is when their eggs start to change and the risk of genetic problems increases.

Two factors contribute greatly to fertility: stress and health.

Stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine will counter sex hormones, so it’s important to take care of yourself and minimize your daily stress as much as possible. This advice is not just for women! The same stressors, poor habits, and lifestyle choices contribute to the health and motility of sperm as well.


Regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential for reproductive health. “Reproduction is such a basic function,” Dr. Jain explains, “it’s best to just be healthy and natural in mind and body. Optimize your diets with good healthy foods and fluids.”

Tips for Staying Healthy

We’ve all pledged, promised and bullied ourselves to eat better and exercise more, but so many times even the best intentions fall short. Family physician Dr. Mike Moreno incorporates healthy habits into his work and home life:

• I try walking for 30 minutes every day at lunch with co-workers.
• I have a yoga mat in my office and stretch at lunch.
• I don’t use a desk chair but sit at my desk on a Swiss ball. This helps build core muscles, balance and posture.
• Instead of going to the gym, I prefer to use TheraBands at home. They are great for isometric exercises, and this saves me all the time it would take driving to and from the gym.
• I drink at least one 8 oz. glass of water every one to two hours. I think water is water, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy brand or from the tap.
• In between patients, I will do push-ups in my office. This is like hitting the release button whenever I am feeling stressed, and I do as many as I can. One time I did 65 push-ups in one sitting. Sometimes I’ll have done 300 push-ups in one day!