Tick Tock: Taking Charge of the Biological Clock

Many women are delaying pregnancy and starting families later in life. The cultural shift of the modern working woman building her career and pursuing other goals in life before starting a family is a sign of the times, but the reality of the biological clock remains unchanged.

A new fertility product called Plan Ahead, manufactured by the Repromedix Corp., can measure how many eggs a woman has left.

"It can tell you how many eggs you have left, but it can't tell you how much of a life span those eggs are going to have," Dr. Lisa says. "So it still doesn't tell you how long you have left or how many of those eggs are viable."

For the time being, women are still on the biological clock. The fact remains that there is a finite period of time in which a woman can conceive. The improve your chances of bearing children, Dr. Lisa advises, is for women to live a healthy lifestyle and consult her doctor about various fertility options.