Nutrition iQ

Nutrition iQ is a nutrition-information program that helps consumers make informed, better-for-you food choices at the store shelf and is available at Albertsons, Cub Foods and Acme grocery stores nationwide.
The nutrition iQ tag is located on the store shelf as part of a product's price, unit price and bar code identification information. You can look for the nutrition iQ tags to see how a product rates in 11 different nutrient claims in seven categories: excellent or good source of fiber; excellent or good source of calcium; low or healthier level of sodium; excellent or good source of protein; low calorie; low saturated fat; and whole grain content.

• Nutrition iQ uses established U.S. Food and Drug Administration nutrient content claims as a framework to determine the top one or two nutritional benefits of food products that are better for you — regardless of manufacturer, brand or price.

With more than 60,000 items on grocery store shelves, it can take considerable time to read and compare nutrition labels. Nutrition iQ gives customers a convenient and easy way to evaluate food choices on the spot by providing credible, at-a-glance nutritional information.

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