25 Tips for Dads

Being pregnant for the first time is exciting for any couple. But it can be nerve-wracking too. There’s a lot of support for moms-to-be, but most dads-to-be don’t know what to expect!

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears acknowledges that new fathers often feel powerless when it comes to feeding and soothing a fussy infant and think that mom is the only source of comfort. However, this is actually a time when dads can really shine. They can help their wives by taking care of the household, arranging meals and feathering the nest.

Furthermore, “It’s important to get to know your baby,” Dr. Sears says. “The better you know him or her, the easier things will be.” He emphasizes that new dads will hold their babies and do things differently than their partners, and that’s OK; dads need to find their own rhythm and methods.

Dr. Sears shares 25 tips for dads:

1. Real dads change diapers

2. You’re a key player on the birth team
3. You and your baby will need some Super Glue
4. Your baby needs your little finger
5. Your baby needs your help throughout the hospital stay
6. You’ll have to make a decision about circumcision
7. You are part of the breastfeeding team
8. You can ace Baby 101
9. You can raise your baby (almost) for free
10. You can learn to speak Baby
11. Some babies need more
12. Grandma can be your best friend
13. You can keep a wireless connection to your baby from work
14. You have to help keep the nest clean
15. You can have a rewarding career as Mr. Mom
16. Dual careers are a dual challenge
17. You can have all the free time you want
18. You have a new playmate
19. You can help Mom beat postpartum depression
20. You, too, can sleep like a baby
21. Oh yeah – Mom needs sleep, too
22. Sex WILL happen again someday
23. A good dad remembers he’s a husband too
24. You can ace Doctoring 101
25. You’ll want to play with your grandchildren someday