The Potty Training Poop Wheel


The color, consistency and frequency of bowel movements are an excellent way to assess your baby’s health. The color of poop varies depending on how quickly it travels through the gastrointestinal tract. To help mothers everywhere readily diagnose their baby’s health, the
Mommy Docs created the Poop Wheel. The Mommy Docs are quick to point out that "the frequency and consistency of the poop, and the overall state of the baby also need to be assessed. Always contact your physician right away with any concerns." 

Diagnosing Poop

ColorPossible Indications  Should You Worry?
Yellow/ mustard- seedy Baby is eating breast milk No
Green Usually normal No
Brown Usually normal No
Red, dark or black Blood in stool Yes, call your doctor
White Problem with liver or gall bladder Yes, call your doctor


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