Potty Training Devices

Potty training can be a trying time for parents and children alike. Accidents often happen because children are still developing their sense of bowel and bladder fullness. “Kids just forget,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains. “They’re out playing and having fun, and suddenly, ‘Oh! I had an accident.’” 

To make matters a little easier during potty training time, Dr. Sears offers the following five tips:

• Watch for readiness
• Use potty props
• Don’t pressure your child

• Lead by example
• Never punish

To help remind children to use the toilet, parents can use timers such as the Potty Watch by Potty Time, Inc., which has a timer that plays tunes, and the WobL Vibrating Watch by PottyMD LLC, which has a timer that vibrates. The Potty Watch can be set to 30, 60 or 90 minute increments, and the WobL Vibrating Watch can be set for any increment of time. The devices are most useful for toddlers who are farther along in the potty training process.

And they’re not just for kids! Adults can use the WobL Vibrating Watch as a reminder to perform daily tasks, such as taking medicine.

“There’s actually a really good behavioral basis for this. Sometimes, kids, if you tell them to go potty, they’re just resistant,” Dr. Sears says. “But if it’s something other than the parent, like an alarm or a watch, it’s cool, it’s fun.”

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