Spanking Controversy

A new study found that spanking may have detrimental effects on both behavioral and mental development in children. According to the research, children between the ages 2 and 4 who were spanked had a five-point lower IQ score than those who weren't. The study focused mostly on children who were spanked as 1 year olds.

"I think that's way too young," pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. "They don't even know the difference from right from wrong at that age, let alone why they're getting hit.

"I think [overreacting] is a big problem with parents," Dr. Jim continues. "They get angry when their kids are acting up, and they just go off and hit them. And that's not discipline; that's frustration."

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend spanking as discipline, but rather non-physical forms of punishment.

"We have to learn other disciplinary tactics," Brooke says. "[Kids] need discipline. The more disciplinary tactics we give them, the more we teach them, the more structure [children have], the better they are going to behave. But we have to learn that as parents, as well.