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Truth Serum
Join in on the fun and play a game of truth serum! E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork asks OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears, and plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon for their answers to medical questions — but only one is telling the truth. You decide whose answer is correct!

1. What medical device is shown in the photo to the right?

Dr. Ordon: This is a cannula. It's a surgical instrument used to do liposuction. This is how I make my living.

Dr. Ordon explains that liposuction cannulas are used to extract fat during lipsuction and come in different sizes and textures.

2. What is being shown in this animation?

Dr. Lisa: This is a common injury to the neck that happens after extreme motion when the neck muscles and ligaments are moved out of their normal range of motion.

Dr. Lisa is describing whiplash, or cervical strain, which often occurs after car accidents.

3. What medical condition do the following symptoms describe?

Excessive thirst and appetite
Increased urination
Unusual weight loss or gain
Blurred vision

Dr. Jim: These are the symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes occurs when the body does not correctly use or produce enough insulin, causing uncontrolled blood-sugar levels.

Jay's Anatomy
How much do you know about your insides? Can you name a body part and place it on The Doctors executive producer Jay McGraw's body?

1. Disease of which organ is the number one cause of death in the United States?


Body Parts

Use these body parts to play Jay's Anatomy!

• Rib Cage Appendix
Esophagus Pancreas 
Gallbladder Tonsils Kidney
Humerus Deltoid Bladder 
Femur Tibia Heart Vastus Lateralis
Biceps Muscle Larynx Liver Large Intestine
Tongue Rectus Abdominis Brain Uvula
• Lungs •
Gastrocnemius • Vertebrae

2. What muscle is covered in bumps and allows you to swallow and talk?


3. Curls are often performed to make this muscle stronger.


4. What is the largest bone in your body?


5. If you have a dull pain near the navel, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, which organ could be the cause of these symptoms?


Health on the Streets

Win a Copy of The Doctor Is In by Dr. Travis!

Take the Human Body Quiz for a chance to win an autographed copy of The Doctor Is In by Dr. Travis Stork!

The Doctors correspondent Andrew Kransy took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask people health questions. Test your med smarts!

1. What is the coccyx bone?

A: The coccyx bone is the tailbone, the small bone at the bottom of the spine that is attached to the triangular-shaped sacrum bone above it.

Where are pinworms often found?

A: Pinworms are caused by small parasites that live in the digestive system. They lay eggs around the anus and settle in the rectal area.

Where are your kidneys located?

A: Your kidneys are tucked behind your lower ribs on both sides of your spine. To find them, place your hands on your hips and slide them up until you feel your ribs. Put your thumbs on your back and you will locate your kidneys.

What Are You Eating?
Do you know how many calories are in your favorite foods? Place the following in order from the lowest to highest amount of calories:

• 1 cup of bran flake cereal with ½ cup of skim milk: 204 calories
English muffin with ham, egg and cheese: 300 calories
Multigrain bagel with reduced-fat strawberry cream cheese: 550 calories
40-ounce smoothie with ice, grape juice, papaya juice, strawberries, papaya, soy protein, sugar and honey: 1,096 calories

Half of a roast beef sandwich with bread, cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and horseradish cream sauce and a cup of black bean soup: 450 calories
Half of a turkey sandwich with bread, red onions, field greens, cheddar cheese and chipotle mayonnaise and half of a Greek salad with feta cheese crumbles, Greek dressing, black pepper, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, romaine lettuce and tomatoes: 810 calories
Cobb salad with ranch dressing, chopped lettuce, bacon, avocado, grilled chicken, chopped egg, basil, gorgonzola cheese and beets: 1,138 calories
Thai crunch salad with shredded Napa cabbage, chilled grilled chicken breast, julienne cucumbers, cilantro and three servings of Thai peanut dressing: 2,115 calories

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