6-Month Checkup with Couple Shedding for the Wedding!

Playing Update on Couple Hoping to Lose Weight before Wedding

Christael and Micheal shared their engagement with The Doctors and came to them asking for help losing weight before their big day! The Doctors helped kick their weight-loss into motion by sending the couple on a week-long holistic health retreat and setting them up with a personal trainer and a meal delivery service for six months. It's now been over six months and The Doctors want to see how the happy couple is doing!

Watch: Engaged Couple Wants to Lose 50 Pounds before Wedding

The Doctors share Christael and Michael's before photos and then they come out on stage to show off their progress! The couple is exuding energy and shares that they feel amazing! Michael comments on not only has his energy increased but also his sleep has improved; he feels better and yet is sleeping less. "I don't need to spend 9-10 hours sleeping just to get through the day."

Christael shares she has lost almost 60 pounds and Michael says he's 79.8 pounds down (to be exact!). The Doctors invite the couples' trainer, Eddie Baruta, to join on Skype to discuss the personal training program he used with them.

Eddie shares he used full body workouts but did upper and lower splits which allowed for easier recovery. He initially focused on stability and then moved to more skillful strength exercises. He also integrated high-intensity training into his program and as you can see from the videos of the couple working out, he pushed them to the limit!

Watch: The Plan to Help Engaged Couple Lose Weight before Getting Married

Christael discusses the importance of nutrition for weight-loss. She tracked her fats, proteins, and carbs to figure out what ratio worked best for her body. Her new favorite healthy food is cauliflower rice! She says this is now a lifestyle and they plan to continue this journey forever. They hope when they have children to instill in them these same values! But first up is the wedding, which they are planning to have in August. The Doctors surprise Christael by giving her money toward her bridal gown!

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