6 COVID Friendly Resolutions You Can Keep in 2021!

hands and a notebook 2021 goals

Ready to say goodbye to 2020, but not sure how to approach the New Year? Here are xx ways to set some intentions about how you want to live that are COVID-friendly. 

2020 put a lot of things in perspective for people and helping us all appreciate the importance of our health and our loved ones. 

1) Move a Little Every Day 

Whether you decide to create a fitness goal or simply just park farther away from your destination while running errands, it's important to set the intention to move your body. Not only is getting exercise good for your body, but it's also great for your overall happiness, and why not start the New Year with a goal for more joy? You don't need a gym to get moving. Check out these at-home suggestions. 

2) Connect with Loved Ones 

Make a friend or loved one your pen-pal. Pick someone to write to and spend 20 minutes connecting with them, send the letter off in the mail and await your reply. New York-based chef and creator of All Good Things Lisa Adams says that "Having a pen pal gives me a grounding, calm connection, and a creative outlet," and she shares it's more intentional than a text or email. The act of writing a letter adds value to the connection of the person on the receiving end. Plus, owning great stationery like this or this makes it easier to stick to your goal. 

3) Set a Bedtime

Sleep is so important for our overall health and wellness. As "The Genius Life" author Max Lugavere shares sleep is "like a car wash for your brain," and it's one of the best things you can do to keep your brain healthy. Most people are simply not getting enough sleep. While sleeping in later is likely not an option, going to bed earlier is. Set an alarm, reminder, or calendar invite on your phone to encourage yourself to head to bed. Also, you can cut down on blue light before bed, which will help the quality of your sleep. 

4) A Needed Gratitude Adjustment 

While it's easy to feel the burdens of everything that may not be going as planned in your life, take some time every day to give thanks for what is working. From a good cup of coffee to a long hug with your partner, giving thanks for what we have is a proven way to cultivate more joy in your life. Get a dedicated journal like this or this and use your first new minutes of your day or before bed to take stock of everything good. 

5) Try Something New 

This pandemic has brought a lot of trends back from near-dead like rollerskating, hunting, and even cross-stitch. Pick something you've always wanted to try and set a goal to do it. Whether it's tackling TikTok or meal planning keep it small, give yourself grace, and be ready to be a beginner. 

6) Read More! 

As Dr. Ian Smith says reading is a great way to feel better and keep your brain active. You can join a book club (may we recommend The Doctors Word Power Book Club) or simply pick out something that looks good, but reading is a great way to keep your brain engaged. 


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