Spring Babies

Arielle, from Elkhorn, Wisconsin, asks The Doctors if babies born in the spring are at higher risk of certain illnesses, and what the best time of year is to have a baby.

Some studies show there may be a link between babies born in spring and autism, Alzheimer’s disease, alcohol abuse and diabetes. It is suggested that since the mother of a spring baby is pregnant during the winter, she can contract the flu virus and have less exposure to the sun, reducing the amount of vitamin D she absorbs.

“All of these things can happen all throughout the year,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. “But there’s a subtle increase during the spring.”

Dr. Lisa says experts are looking into whether pregnant women should take vitamin D supplements or be screened for a deficiency. Currently, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does not recommend universal vitamin D level screening in pregnant women. Women who may be at risk for a deficiency include vegetarians, women with darker skin and women who don’t spend much time outside or live in areas that lack sunlight.

To safely increase your vitamin D levels, eat foods high in the vitamin, such as salmon, eggs and cod liver oil.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears’ recipe for boosting your vitamin D levels.