School Lunch Smarts


During the school year, parents face the daily challenge of getting their kids up out of bed, dressed, fed and out the door with a healthy lunch in hand. If you go to great lengths to make sure your kids eat healthy, chances are, your efforts are derailed every day your child goes to school. The same institutions that teach your kids reading, writing and arithmetic often have a failing grade in nutrition. So while it can be tough to get the little ones to eat carrot sticks instead of chips, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares tips to promote healthier eating a school.

When packing a school lunch, don’t forget your ABCs!

A= Ask. Ask kids what they like - get them involved.

B= Balance. Make sure to include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

C= Creativity. Have fun with food. Kids love colors and crunch. Use your imagination to make snacks such as banana logs, veggie kabobs, fruit pizza and turkey pinwheels.

“Be mindful of portions,” Dr. Sears adds. “Don’t forget – kids only need 1500 – 2000 calories per day.”

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