Allergic Shiners

Common Allergens

• Mold
Grasses and weeds
Animal dander, urine and saliva

Dust mites

Do you suffer from chronic dark under-eye circles? If you've tried everything from getting more rest, to changing your diet to moisturizing, and your dark circles won't go away, pay a visit to a doctor. The circles could indicate that you're suffering from allergies that you aren't aware of.

"Dark circles are what we refer to in the allergy world as allergic shiners, because they basically look like you've been hit right under the eye," allergist Dr. Marc Meth says.

Allergic shiners are caused by blood pooling under the eyes as the result of nasal and sinus congestion, Dr. Meth explains. You can prevent them through the use of medication, by avoiding common allergens or by having an allergy shot.

"There's a reason why things show around your eyes," plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says. "It's the thinnest skin on your body."
Other causes of dark circles include consuming too much salt, not getting enough sleep and sleeping face down.

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